Cyma-Cube harmonizes the living space, increases vitality


Harmonizes the environment, increases vital energy.

The Cyma Cube is a frequency cube with cymatic frequencies regenerating vital energy.

The combination of particular harmonics for its outer and inner sides is composed from frequencies over several octaves of the tempered scale. The proportions of the components of this cube are based on the golden ratio.

Ce companion cube, is ideal in a bedroom to sleep, to show, or to your desk. You will benefit from the maximum of his energy by placing yourself within a meter of him.

The quantum action of the Cyma-Cube allows you to regain a state of good health, the Cyma-Cube:

  • increases vital energy of all functional systems of the human body
  • harmonizes the energy of the room where it is placed (bedroom, office, etc.)

Composition of the Cyma-Cube

This harmonizing cube is composed of:

  • 6 frequency discs of 11.3 cm. The diameter of the discs is a multiple of 70 times the golden ratio.
  • A brass metal structure (copper and zinc) with a metallic cubic core. This structure connects the 6 discs electromagnetically, electrical conduction and mechanical contacts are optimal.
  • A polymer base connected to the central cubic core

Biophotonic expertise

The expertise office Biophotox conducted 2 studies with the bio-photonic technology of the GDV Bio-Well camera and the Sputnik sensor antenna:

  • Scientific studies medical
  • Scientific studies environmental

The Cyma-Cube is the first passive harmonizing and revitalizing product on the market to be evaluated by an expert office with a Kirlian effect GDV camera.

Summary of medical scientific study

Increases in vital energy in all functional systems of the human body and the ability to regulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS) give the Cyma-Cube the ability to actively participate in the homeostatic process allowing you to maintain a good energy balance, a guarantee of good health.

Actions on vitality

  • The Cyma-Cube has the action of making increase vital energy in all organs and functional systems of the human body and the ability to regulate the autonomic nervous system (ANS).
  • It actively participates in the homeostatic process, allowing you to maintain a good energy balance, a guarantee of good health.

Health benefit:

  • Improved quality and quantity of sleep.
    Sleep of adequate duration and quality improves attention, behavior, memory and the general state of our mental and physical health. It also helps the body maintain and regulate several vital functions.
  • Better organic metabolic activity.
    Even when you're at rest, your body needs energy for breathing, blood circulation, adjusting hormone levels, and cell growth and repair. The energy your body uses to perform these basic functions is known as the basal metabolic rate, or what you might call the metabolism.

Summary of the environmental scientific study

Environmental actions

  • increase energy activity level index environment in the room.
  • regulate organic metabolic activity
  • improve the quality of sleep

the Cyma-Cube increases the level of energy in the room, thanks to the capacity of its frequential cymatic structure which is at the same time receiver and emitter of photons.

  • Double, after 7 days, the energy value inside the chamber (energy changed from 1,34 Joules (10-²) to 2,61 Joules (10-²)
  • Increase the activity level index of the environment in the bedroom. The index went from the value 26 (= significant slowing down of the metabolism) to the value 32,54 to stabilize around the value 33 (= normal functional slowing down of the metabolism at night or during a meditation)


These scientific studies have shown that the Cyma-Cube allows:

  • To do increase overall organic vital energy which went from 54,80 joules at the start of the study without the presence of the Cyma-Cube to 59,40 joules for the measurements at the Office and 60,41 joules for the measurements at the Salon.
  • To do increase the energy of all functional systems of the human body, between 5% and 15% depending on their energy at the start of the study, when the person is located within a radius of 1 meter around the Cyma-Cube.
  • De regulate the action of the Autonomic Nervous System (SNA) by rebalancing the Orthosympathetic and Parasympathetic systems.
  • De significantly decrease the number of organs with an energy imbalance in the action of the Orthosympathetic and Parasympathetic systems.

At the start of the study, 12 organs presented an imbalance of these systems and after 2 hours of exposure next to the Cyma-Cube, there were only 3 organs still having an imbalance of the ANS.

bio-photonic analysis reports complete.

Notes on the scope of the device

The optimal range is announced at 1m from the user in the physiological medical field, and optimal effectiveness in the environmental field in a room of approximately 10-12 m². These scopes therefore relate to bio-photonic measurements in the medical and environmental fields.
We are therefore talking here about measurable effects on the physical level.

The range of the cyma cube is certainly greater than these distances, also acting on other levels (etheric, emotional, mental, etc.). It probably acts beneficially on cellular communication which is disrupted by EMF.

However, there are no studies that have been done in this direction. Dowsing measurements with a pendulum provide more information, but the reliability of these measurements is not comparable to an instrument like a GDV camera.
Also I prefer to announce reliable results and moreover carried out by a third party.

About the store

The Cyma-Cube is in stock, available on the Eolix store. It is delivered assembled.

Take advantage of an exceptional product to harmonize your living space and obtain optimal vitality!

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