Connections between Covid and Electromagnetic waves


There are no scientific studies yet on thepositive effect of scalar waves on the harmfulness of electromagnetic waves (EMF). While the harmful effect of EMF on the living has been demonstrated for years. Recently, a scientific article published in September 2021 reports possible connections between Covid and electromagnetic waves. These waves disturb the functioning of the whole living organism and weaken it, below the translation of the publication.

Evidence of a link between Covid-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless telecommunications, including microwaves and millimeter waves
(Published by Drs. Beverly Rubik and Robert R. Brown)

" NOTWe investigated a possible environmental factor in the Covid 19 pandemic: ambient radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems including microwaves and millimeter waves. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, emerged in Wuhan, China shortly after the rollout of 5G (fifth generation wireless systems) across the country. city ​​and has spread around the world initially showing a statistical correlation with international communities having recently established 5G networks. ".

The study analyzed peer-reviewed scientific literature to identify how non-wired radiation may have behaved as a toxic environmental cofactor.
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the world's leading American organization, the simplest model of disease causation is the epidemiological triad made up of three interacting factors:

  • the agent (pathogen)
  • the environment
  • the health status of the host

The pathogen (Coronavirus) and the risk factors (obesity, hypertension, diabetes) that make a host more likely to succumb to the disease have been elucidated, but the environmental factors have not been sufficiently explored.
Electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology has already been recognized as a form of environmental pollution and physiological stress (Balmori 2009).

 5G uses high frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum in the range extending from 600 MHz to 90 GHz, including the frequency bands of 3G and 4G as well as millimeter waves.

 These require the installation of new antennas to emit pulsed and polarized radiation beams from base stations and antennas located near homes and schools due to their limited range. In addition, a network of about 100 satellites began to be placed in Earth orbit to realize a global wireless network.
The obvious consequence will be a considerable increase in the exposure to electromagnetic radiation of the population outside and inside the structures, with unknown consequences on the biosphere including on humans.

Covid -19 started in Wuhan, China in December 2019, shortly after the citywide 5G went live on October 31, 2019. Other regions have seen the outbreak spread like South Korea, Northern Italy, New York, Seattle and Southern California, regions where this technology had also been implemented.
In April 2020, Payeras and Ciffre (2020) reported a statistically significant correlation between 5G antenna densities and the location of Covid-19 cases in specific regions of the world. During the first wave in the United States, cases and deaths attributed to Covid-19 were higher in states with 5G infrastructure than in states that did not yet have this technology (Tsiang and Havas , manuscript submitted).

We will not go over the symptoms and their description in Covid 19 which are known, but we will draw a parallel between these symptoms and those caused by exposure to radiation from wireless technologies:
scientific work carried out from the beginning of the second half of the 60th century, both by the Soviets and by the Americans in the 70s and 100s, showed that exposure to radio frequencies could have effects on the physiology of living beings, and this for exposure levels 1 times lower than 2mW/cmXNUMX (current US guidelines).

A bibliography of more than 3700 references on biological effects reported in the world scientific literature was published in 1972 (revised in 1976) in the report of the US Naval Medical Research Institute (Glaser 1972; 1976).
A comprehensive review of the biological effects of millimeter waves indicates that even short-term exposures produce marked biological effects (Pakhomov 1998).
A remarkable study summarizing knowledge at the end of the XNUMXth century exists in French in the work of Cyril Smith “The electromagnetic man” translated by Alex Vicq at Encre editions.

The work of Mc Clare (1974) and Tsong (1989) showed that the cellular communication and metabolic reactions have an electromagnetic prerequisite to any biochemical reaction.
Above all, it has been found that low-level emissions have an impact on the body at all levels of the organization:

  • At the molecular level
  • At the cellular level
  • At the physiological level
  • At the behavioral level
  • At the psychological level

It has been shown to cause adverse systemic health effects, including :

  • An increased risk of cancer (Borktkiewiz 2017)
  • Endocrine changes (Sangun 2016)
  • An increase in the production of free radicals (Yamikenko 2016)
  • DNA damage (Ruediger 2009)
  • Changes in the reproductive system (Asghari 2016)
  • Learning and memory efforts (Zhang 2017)
  • Neurological disorders (Pall 2016)

The article presents a comparative table between the effects of radio frequency irradiation and the effects of Covid-19:

1) Blood and vascular changes:

1.a) Effects of RF exposure
Short term: Rouleaux, echinocytes
Long term: reduction in blood clotting time; reduction in hemoglobin; hemodynamic disorders.

1.b) Effects of Covid 19
Rouleaux, echinocytes (red blood cells shaped like sea urchins)
Reduction of hemoglobin in severe cases; autoimmune hemolytic anemia; hypoxemia and hypoxia.
Endothelial lesions: Alteration of microcirculation; hypercoagulation; disseminated intravascular coagulation; pulmonary embolism ; stroke.

2) Oxidative stress:

2.a) Effects of RF exposure
Decreased level of glutathione;
Increase in free radicals and lipid peroxidation; decrease in superoxide dismutase activity; oxidative damage in tissues and organs

2.b) Effects of Covid 19
Decreased level of glutathione;
Increase in free radicals and damage caused by them; oxidative lesions leading to organ damage in severe cases.

3) Effects of increased intracellular calcium:

3.a) Effects of RF exposure
Activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (CCVD) on cell membranes with many side effects.

3.b) Effects of Covid 19
Increased entry, replication and release of viruses.
Increase in NF-KB, pro-inflammatory processes; coagulation and thrombosis.

4) Cardiac effects:

4.a) Effects of RF exposure
Upregulation of the sympathetic nervous system; palpitations and arrhythmia.

4.b) Effects of Covid 19
Myocarditis; myocardial ischemia; heart damage

5) Disturbances and activation of the immune system:

5.a) Effects of RF exposure
Immunosuppression in some studies; immune hyperactivation in other studies.
Long-term :

  • suppression of T cells
  • increase in inflammatory biomarkers
  • autoimmunity
  • organ damage

5.b) Effects of Covid 19
Decreased production of T cells; high inflammatory biomarkers.
Hyper activation and immune inflammation; cytokine storm in severe forms; cytokine-induced hypoperfusion with resulting hypoxia; organ damage; organ failure.       

Details of some of these comparisons:


Exposure to wireless communication radiation can cause morphological changes in the blood. Two recent studies have documented the formation of microscopic erythrocyte aggregates (Havas 2013) as well as the formation of echinocytes (sea urchin-shaped red blood cells) upon exposure to 4G smart phone radiation (Rubik 2014).
Similar changes have been described in the peripheral blood of patients with Covid-19 (Lakhdari 2020).
These blood changes can (Wagner 2013):

  • Impede the transport of oxygen,
  • Contribute to hypoxia
  • Increase the risk of thrombosis

A 1977 Russian study showed that rodents irradiated with 60-37 GHz waves at 1mW/cm2 for 15 minutes a day for 60 days developed hemodynamic disorders, suppressed red blood cell formation, reduced hemoglobin, and caused inhibition of oxygen utilization (oxidative phosphorylation by mitochondria) (Zalyubovskaya 1977).
It has been proposed that the Sars–Cov2 virus attacks erythrocytes and causes the breakdown of hemoglobin (Cavezzi 2020).
In summary, exposure to wireless communication frequencies and Covid-19 may have deleterious effects on red blood cells and reduce levels of blood cells contributing to hypoxia in Covid-19. Endothelial damage can also contribute to hypoxia and many of the vascular complications seen in Covid-19. (Varga 2020)


Oxidative stress is a non-specific disease state reflecting an imbalance between increased production of free radicals and the body's inability to manage this overproduction. This leads to difficulties in repairing the damage they cause to biomolecules and tissues. (Betteridge 2000).
Oxidative stress can:

  • Interfere with cell signaling
  • Induce the formation of stress proteins
  • Generate other cascading free radicals
  • Cause DNA damage

Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction can perpetuate the cytokine storm worsening tissue damage and increasing the risk of severe forms and death.
Of the 100 currently available peer-reviewed studies on the oxidative effects of low-intensity RF, 93 studies have confirmed that low-intensity RF induces oxidative effects in biological systems (Yamikenko 2015).
Frequency radiation from wireless communications is an oxidative agent with high pathogenic potential, especially when exposure is continuous (Dasdag and Akdag 2016).
Oxidative stress is also an accepted mechanism causing endothelial damage (Higashi 2009). This can manifest in patients with severe Covid -19 in addition to increasing the risk of blood clots forming and worsening hypoxemia (Cecchini and Cecchini 2020).
Low levels of glutathione, the main antioxidant, have been observed in a small group of patients with Covid 19, with the lowest level found in the most severe cases (Polonikov 2020).
In fact, glutathione, the primary source of sulfhydryl-based antioxidant activity in the human body, may play a pivotal role in Covid 19 (Guloyan 2020). Glutathione deficiency has been proposed as the most likely cause of severe outbreaks of Covid-19 (Polonikov 2019).
Blood plasma of people residing near mobile phone base stations showed significantly reduced levels of glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase compared to unexposed controls (Zothansiama 2017).
There is a correlation between oxidative stress and thrombogenesis (Loscalzo 2003).
Pervasive environmental exposure to RF wireless communication may contribute to cardiovascular disease by creating a chronic state of oxidative stress (Bandara and Weller 2017).
Increased wireless telecommunication RF exposure can cause oxidative damage in the liver, lungs, testes, and heart tissues mediated by lipid peroxidation, increased nitric oxide levels, and suppression of antioxidant defense mechanism (Esmekaya 2011).


When the Covid-19 virus first infects a human, it attacks the cells that line the nose, throat and upper respiratory tract, cells that harbor an ACE-2 receptor. Once the virus has gained access to the cell through its spike protein (Spike protein), the cell is converted into a virus replicating machine.
In response to this infection, an innate systemic immune response and a delayed adaptive response occur (Cao 2020). The virus can cause dysregulation of T-cell production. Severe cases tend to have lower T-cell counts (Qin 2020), as well as more T-cell impairment.
Low-level RF exposure shows immune impairment (McCree 1980). Baranski (1971) showed nonthermal changes in lymphocyte count, nuclear structural abnormalities, and mitosis in the bone marrow erythroblast cell line. Other researchers have shown that exposure of rabbits for 3 months leads to a suppression of T lymphocytes (Nageswari 1991).
Rats irradiated at 2,45 GHz at 500 microwatts/cm2 for seven hours a day for 30 days produced autoimmune reactions, and when irradiated at 100–500 microwatts/cm2 produced persistent pathological immune reactions (Grigoriev 2010 ). Important study because Grigoriev used the carrier of 3G and 4G technologies.


Exposure to low-level telecommunications radiofrequency causes an increase in intracellular calcium via the activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (Pall 2013). This is considered to be one of the main mechanisms of action of radio frequencies on organisms.
Intracellular calcium is also essential for virus entry, replication and release and viruses have been reported to hijack calcium channels and increase intracellular calcium (Chen 2019).
Calcium channel blocking drugs (Amlodipine-Nifedipine) would increase the survival of patients consuming them and limit the need for intubation, mechanical ventilation compared to controls. They strongly limit the entry and infection of Sars–Cov-2 in cultured lung epithelial cells (Strauss 2020).
These drugs also block the increase in intracellular calcium caused by RF exposure (Pall 2013)
In short, wireless telecommunication RF exposure may enhance virus infectivity by increasing intracellular calcium which may also directly contribute to inflammatory processes and thrombosis.


For the cardiac arrhythmias encountered in patients with Covid-19, there are cardiac and extra-cardiac causes (Dherange 2020). Direct infection of the heart muscle by the virus causes:

  • myocarditis,
  • Myocardial ischemia of various origins
  • An increase in cardiac work secondary to pulmonary or systemic hypertension

 These causes can cause cardiac arrhythmia but hypoxemia caused by diffuse pneumonia or pulmonary embolisms or respiratory distress syndromes can also cause cardiac arrhythmia.
In the 1970s, Glaser reviewed over 2000 publications on the biological effects of RF exposure and concluded that microwave radiation can alter the electrocardiogram, cause chest pain, cause hypercoagulation, thrombosis and hypertension, in addition to myocardial infarction (Glaser 1971-1976). Seizures, impaired autonomic nervous system response (increased sympathetic stress response) have also been observed.
Havas (2010) reported that subjects in a double-blind, controlled study were hyper-responsive when exposed to 2,45 GHz, developing either arrhythmia or tachycardia and sympathetic nervous system upregulation that s associated with the stress response. Wi-Fi exposure has been found to affect heart rate, blood pressure, and the effectiveness of catecholamines on vascular wall muscles, indicating that radio frequencies from wireless communication systems may act directly and/or indirectly on the cardiovascular system (Saili 2015).


The evidence from the literature that was analyzed suggests a link between several adverse health effects following exposure to radio frequencies from wireless telecommunications and the clinical course of Covid-19.
Evidence indicates that these radio frequencies can:

  1. Weaken the host,
  2. Exacerbate Covid 19 disease
  3. Make the pandemic worse.

Several unresolved security issues need to be considered before ultra-high frequency 5G is implemented on a planetary scale. Questions have been raised about 60 GHz which is a frequency that 5G has intended for heavy use.
This is the resonance frequency of the oxygen molecule (Tretyakov 2015). It is possible that there are adverse biological effects resulting from impaired oxygen uptake by exposure to 60 GHz.

Comments on the articles made by:
Dr Marc François Paya MD, scientific director Comosystems SL
Dr René Messagier MD, CEO Comosystems SL
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