Connecting DIY Tesla Coils to a Spooky2 XM Generator


Modulation of scalar waves with Spooky 2

After making a DIY scalar wave generator (to be manufactured by yourself) in open source, I sought to add information to the waves emitted by the Tesla coil antennas. First of all, here are some characteristics of what are also called torsion waves or Tesla waves.

Scalar energy at the service of vitality

Recent research shows that scalar waves will stimulate the cells of living organisms (plants, animals, humans). The list is long, here are some properties:

  • Increases cellular energy
  • Accelerates natural healing
  • Stimulates natural immune function
  • Improves absorption of cellular nutrients and detoxification of waste

To learn more in this area, I recommend reading this little guide scalar energy, from the site dedicated to the spooky 2 scalar device.

Add information to scalar radiation

By modulating the initial signal, with a second signal, it is possible to send information which will be able to benefit the cells which will be crossed by these waves. for example send vitamin C information to the body, will allow it to benefit from this vitamin without having consumed it. Many therapists use this technique, I recommend this excellent conference of Doctor Pascal TROTTA.

Generate scalar waves

I am generating the scalar waves here by sending a sinusoidal base signal around 10 Mhz thanks to a first generator (the FeelTech model).

Software to control the modulator generator

The fantastic Spooky2 software contains an exceptional database of over 30 programs. Connected to the Spooky000 XM generator, it will send the signal that will modulate the scalar waves emitted by the Tesla antennas. All this is very accessible, indeed the software is free, and the Spooky2 XM generator costs a hundred euros. Here is the link ofa complete package to begin.

In this project, I am using the “Spooky scalar Healing (SS) -JW” preset found in Heal / Scalar. A preset is a program associated with a particular type of waveform which is specific to the device used. I am using here a square wave which is suitable for the Spooky scalar, the program is composed of a frequency at 5,9 Hz then one at 8 Hz.

a device to experiment with

To take advantage of this healing signal transported by scalar waves, simply place yourself between the two antennas. According to the use of other scalar wave devices, sessions of 15 minutes are sufficient to obtain a convincing result. For the moment, I have no feedback to give on the therapeutic use of my device. I am of course open to your feedback on this blog.

For those who want to do more

You can reproduce the circuits connected to the coils from the plan opposite. I thank Mikael from the Spooky2 community for his help.

This assembly will make it possible to multiply the voltage and to light the diode of the receiver. Without this, you will have to increase the voltage to see this led properly, this will also light up the emitter led slightly.

14 comments on “Connecting DIY Tesla Coils to a Spooky2 XM Generator"

  1. Hello, a small practical assembly to test (order of the material made).

    On the other hand your electronic part looks different between your video today and the assembly diagram of 2018, right?

    Is there an interest in taking larger balls?

    Thank you for your return (and for everything else too)

    1. Hello Eric
      the electronic part is used to increase the voltage at the LEDs, to be able to see them light up at a low voltage (between 2 to 4 volts)
      With larger balls, the antenna effect will be more effective.
      There is no point in an experiment with the transmitter and receiver nearby.

  2. Hi Cedric,
    Bravo for this assembly. Have you considered tests on plants. For example a shrub affected by a parasite to be placed between the spheres and send the healing wave?

    1. Hello it is possible with the modulation of the signal, it is enough to find the adapted program on the basis of programs of the Spooky2 software.

  3. I cannot generate a scalar field with less than 7V amplitude like on the SDW. At the limit 6Volts but the signal (weak led) is not clear. Do you have an idea?

    1. It is necessary to manufacture the assembly presented at the end of the article, to increase the voltage at the level of the led, and to see it light up.
      Without this assembly, it will be necessary to go up to more than 6v to see the led light up.

  4. I would say add to the device (s) the water element - as a storage memory / memory flow between the processor / vehicle / scalar waves and the receiver / patient, itself of course made up of scalally energized water . This may involve a particular exercise: the intention / intentionalization of water so that it is informally loaded ...
    For information, I bought yesterday two Kolsov Functional State Corrector plates, supposed to re-syncronize to the pulsation of the terrestrial globe and the cosmos, scalally speaking, with in addition integrated in the information of places of "Force" identified in some places on the planet.
    Being in a kind of emergency, I also bought the Life Wave informational patches, which I do not understand much for the moment, but which interest me more and more because of direct testimonies. Different approaches in appearance but linked I am sure, puzzle pieces in the process of unification. Anyway, thank you for your work. GUERIC

  5. Hello I plan to use the spooky2 as a simple frequency generator with the remote. But I was wondering if we could not obtain the same result with a simple free frequency generator app (like Z-App) with a small spiral scalar antenna plugged into the phone jack.
    What do you think ?
    I tell myself that a frequency remains a frequency, whether it's generated by the spooky2, by a smartphone, or another device, as long as it's pure sinusoidal, isn't it the same?
    Of course if you want to use the plasma or other accessories then the purchase of the spooky is justified, but for the use of the remote (simple scalar antenna with magnet) a simple frequency generator should suffice.

    1. Hello
      To send a single frequency to an app with a smartphone is very good, a sound amplifier will allow you to have a stronger signal. The Spooky2 generator can generate a whole series of different frequencies, and with a higher voltage than that of the smartphone.

  6. Hello,
    Before investing more, I would like to test DIY tesla antennas with the spooky2 app on a PC to which a Hifi amp would be connected via USB.
    The question I ask myself is that this amp is powered by a switching power supply (of good quality), and which therefore generates electrical pollution beyond 50Khz.
    This pollution is inaudible for audio use, but is it really so innocuous in this context?

    1. Hello Laurent, indeed it is better to move away electrical wires and transformers between the antenna and receiver (or the person to be treated)

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