Comparison between antenna discs

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A lot of people ask me the difference between the discs I have designed. Below is a comparison that describes the characteristics of the 4 discs.

  • ROTATION, the energy emitted turns either in the direction anti clockwise (levorotatory), or schedule (dextrorotatory)
  • ACTION, the effect will be dissipating (sedative, discharge, Yin), harmonizing (balances Yin and Yang), energizing (toning, load, Yang)
  • COLOR, it is the radiation emitted according to the Specter of Belizal. This includes the following colors: green-, black, infra red, red, orange, yellow, green +, blue, indigo, violet, ultra violet, white. They are located in the electrical and magnetic domain.

Characteristics of waveform antennas

Lakhovsky H9 double spiral disc

Lakhovsky H9 double spiral

StraightscheduleHarmonizingMagnetic blue
ToscheduleEnergizingMagnetic red
Lakhovsky protection disc

Lakhovsky protection

StraightscheduleHarmonizingMagnetic blue
ToAnti clockwiseDissipatingMagnetic white
Learn more about the Lakhovsky protection disc
Loop Double Spiral DIsque

Double Loop Spiral

StraightscheduleEnergizingMagnetic red
ToscheduleEnergizingMagnetic red
Find out more about the double curly spiral disc
disc 10 growth spirals

10 growth spirals

StraightscheduleEnergizingMagnetic red
ToAnti clockwiseDissipatingMagnetic blue
Learn more about the 10 Growth Spiral Disc

Dowsing measures

These measurements were made with the pendulum, the sense of rotation is easy to measure even for a beginner. Just throw your pendulum over the disc. It will quickly turn one way or the other. For greater reliability, you will need to center yourself before and orient yourself towards the North. Hold on to the pendulum for a quick response, and not give your mind time to distract you.

Many thanks to Kinesiologist Kévin Rocque, for his participation in the measurements of the disks. I am open to your feedback, please let me know in your comments below.

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