Air filter box for VMC


3D print a Hepa air filtration box

I share on my site my experiences on reducing air pollution in the home. This article is from this site.

I designed here a air filtration box, which will be at the level ofair inlet of a double-flow CMV.

This box is composed of 2 parts, which I represented here in green and light gray. The lower part clips onto the upper part.

I designed the box around the Hepa H14 vacuum cleaner filter, the advantage of this filter is to be perfectly adapted to the standard diameter 125 used in domestic CMVs. I left a space below to accommodate a cut-out filter (filter media) for pre-filtration (not modeled in 3D here). This filter box uses the principle of wooden filter box that I had previously made.

I made both parts with an “Ultimaker 3+” 2D printer. It is necessary to have a tray of about 20 cm on the side. The small plates of machines like the FlashForge are too small (225 x 145 x 150 mm).

I didn't optimize the part design to minimize supports, so there will be some post-processing 🙂

Download the files to print from the filter box

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2 comments on “Air filter box for VMC"

  1. All this is good, but it is useful to learn about fluid mechanics problems .. to do well (pressure loss, sizing, ... ect)
    The more you want to do in the "end", the more ventilation must be neat .. and powerful!
    The section of the filters should be> section of the duct ... with a fan allowing sufficient pressure (600 to 800 Pa for example (A filter generates 150 to 300 Pa of pressure drop typically) (therefore avoid tinkering with a fine filter on a VMC)
    In addition, too much pressure drop favors condensation ... which is very bad, and must be countered by more engine power ... ect

    It is a chain of "transmission" and its performance will be calibrated by the worst link!


    1. Hello Yannick

      Thank you for your clarification. I use here an additional ventilation to counteract the pressure drops of the fine filter.


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