A 3D printed wooden pendulum


A new version with a wood / PLA yarn

Below is a video where I present my latest variant of the “spectrum aura” pendulum with a 3d printing thread containing 25% wood. This version is weighted like the previous one with stainless steel. The rendering is really very nice.

Find on this page, my previous versions of the pendulum, how to make them if you have a 3D printer, or how to buy them.

Some images of the pendulum printed in 3D

Clean radiating negative green

It is possible to detect negative green or to desimpregnate the object which radiates from it:

  • Set the pendulum on the V-
  • Position the pendulum above the object to be impregnated, with the intention of cleaning it
  • The pendulum will rotate counterclockwise
  • When it stops, cleaning will be finished

Once the cleaning operation is done, you can measure the V- using the dial below. Set the pendulum to white to use it as a neutral pendulum.

Learn More

For those who want to know more about the use of this type of pendulum, I recommend reading the book " the pendulum of the 5th reign by Anna Mael. The book is out of print, but it's easy to find. pdf.

You also have as books to read the “Universal pendulum PU-6”, and “Vibratory dowsing test” by Léon Chaumery and André De Belizal.
There is unfortunately little information on this type of pendulum. It is up to you to do your research on this fantastic dowsing tool.

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4 comments on “A 3D printed wooden pendulum"

  1. Hello Cedric,
    Where can you find the video you're talking about that goes deeper into the chromatic pendulum?
    Is using the green part – in this way, it is possible to neutralize this same radiation without a dwelling? Have you ever tried this sort of thing?
    Thank you for your research and sharing, it helps to feed all my questions and desires to go even further!
    Sarah Fenaroli

    1. Hello Sarah
      I haven't made any other videos on the chromatic pendulum. The subject is very vast, I recommend that you read the books cited in the article.
      A synthesis work will indeed be necessary.
      I have not made any experiments to treat a dwelling with the pendulum. I think the effect is likely to be temporary at best. Because it is often necessary to treat the source of the problem (fault, cosmic telluric chimney, Hartman and Curry networks, etc.).
      However, why not experiment with a pendulum treatment based on the photo of the house?

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