The growth flower pendant


A pendant that generates waves of shapes

I am updating this page with the latest developments of my pendants. My first versions were made with a copper circuit which tended to oxidize over time. The circuits of my new versions are covered with a gold plating. This finish here ensures optimum conduction and provides protection against corrosion. In addition, thecombined use of copper and gold is an additional asset from the vibratory and therapeutic point of view.

When and how to wear it?

You can wear it day and night if you feel the need or if you feel very tired. Otherwise, I recommend wearing it during the day, or on the days when you need support. It can be worn under or over clothing indifferently.

When and how to clean it?

Orgone, flower of life, Lakhovsky circuit, cymatic or even spiral of growth, they all end up being charged or polluting with harmful radiation which one calls in dowsing the negative electric green (Ve-).

There are more ways to clean the pendant, here are a few:

  • Leave the object in broad daylight for a few hours
  • Place the object in the heart of a Saint Jacque shells empty
  • Wash the object with running water
  • Cover the object with coarse salt

[Publication of 26/09/2020] In December 2018, I presented to you how I managed to design the emitting form wave that I named " growth flower". Today I completed the development of this Lakovsky antenna in the form of a pendant. It represents the fruit of 6 years of personal research.

A design inspired by nature

The growth flower pattern is based on the growth spiral or logarithmic spiral. I have also developed a double spiral disc, using the design of the growth spiral. We find this form of spiral very often in nature: snail shell, vortex in water, cyclones, plant growth ...
We can also deduce from this form the Golden ratio, which is characteristic of growth in the living.

An evolution of the Lakhovsky branch

There are therefore 10 spirals of growth in this pendant which wind up without touching each other. Also, this pattern is a evolution of the passive circuit of engineer Georges Lakhovsky, made up of cut concentric circles, here rolled up in the form of a spiral. This circuit is a waveform antenna, like the original Lakhovsky circuit.

Two different sides

  • On one side, the spirals wind in clockwise: dextrorotatory.
    The dextrorotatory direction is stimulant, and conducive to life and growth. It's sort of the Yang side.
  • On the other side, in counterclockwise: levogyre.
    The direction of the rotatory is dispersing, it is calming, it can be seen as the Yin side.

Thus, the pendant will vibrate by amplifying the cosmic waves which cross us, by making them turn in the direction dextrorotatory or levorotatory.

Biological information at the center

The disc is pierced in its center, I filled this part with beeswax which will make contact with the 10 spirals on each side of the disc. The beeswax will make it possible here to constitute a capacitor, by transmitting its biological information to the circuit. The principle of beeswax condenser was invented by engineer Marcel Violet, who designed an active device for energizing water.
I inserted a blend of amino acids and biocompatible minerals in wax on absorbent paper. This information will be added to that of the beeswax. As a result, the information from these vibrations will inform the water in our body, morphogenic water. I am referring here to the research of Jacques Benveniste, Luc Montagnier and Marc Henry.

Using the pendant

The length of the wire is adjustable so that around the neck, the pendant is on the breastbone. It will therefore directly stimulate the heart chakra.
In order to be able to identify the direction of rotation, the dextrorotatory side is indicated by a mark in the shape of a smile, engraved on the pendant.
This side must be visible by the person who wears it, it is the opposite side (dextrorotatory) which will act on it.
If you see this mark, the pendant energizes you.
On the other side, it calms you down. So if you bring the smile to you, you will feel calming energy.

The pendant will raise your vibratory rate, you can easily measure it with a pendulum and a Bovis dial.
This pendant is more powerful than Lakhovsky's antenna, for the same diameter.
The person who is going to wear it will feel better health, and an decrease in fatigue.
However, I recommend that you remove it at night, it is possible that in the long run it disturbs your sleep, then you just have to remove it, so that the balance returns.

Raise the vibratory rate

It is an interesting protection against electromagnetic waves. It works like the Lakhovsky antenna by concentrating cosmic rays, and by diffusing scalar waves towards the person wearing it. As a result, the vibratory rate increases, the organism is not found weakened by harmful electromagnetic waves (EMF).

I made several variations of the pendant

If you like this pendant, you can order it directly, I sell it for 50 €. To do this, you need to click on the button below and enter the amount. Please tell me the model you want, don't forget to also tell me your postal address.

A video preview

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