The 10 spirals flower disc


A passive scalar wave transmitter

This model of energetic disk acts as a Lakovsky antenna, it is the large format of the growth flower pendant. It is also double-sided and composed of 10 growth spirals. I named it "flower of growth" because it is composed of spirals of growth and its design is reminiscent of a flower. This scalar wave antenna can be used as EMF protection.

An energizing device ...

The spirals turn in the dextrorotatory direction (hourly) is a sense conducive to life and growth. It's sort of the Yang side.
You can use it to boost water or keep your fruit longer.
The dextrorotatory direction is marked by a solid circle in the center of the disc.

... or soothing

On the other side, the spirals turn anti-clockwise: levogyre.
Le direction levorotatory is dispersing, it is calming, it can be seen as the Yin side.
If you place the disc on a painful area following shock, for example, the effect will be soothing.
The direction of the gyro is marked by an empty circle in the center of the disc.

Scalar energy to energize or mummify

It is a device generatingscalar waves equivalent to that of double spiral disc that I have already designed. This energetic disc will energize water or food. Placed under fruits it will prevent their rotting. They will dry out and mummify instead of rotting. I have already carried out this experiment several times with a 3d printed disc with copper wires (5 spirals or instead of 10), and that on one side. I am relaunching a new experience today with new records.

Direct sale

If you like this record and want to encourage me for my research, you can order it directly, I sell it for 30 €. To do this, you need to click on the button below and enter the amount. Please tell me the model you want, don't forget to also tell me your postal address. I give a 7 € discount to members of the AMRM association.

A video preview

A look on both sides.

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  1. Hello,
    I have a question for The 10 Spiral Growth Flower Disc. If we want to energize a chakra or an organ, which face do we put in front of the skin?
    The energizing side facing the skin and therefore the dispersing side visible or the reverse?

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