6 dowsing experiments: measurements and stimulations on energy disks


Through these 6 experiments in dowsing, I will show you methods for:

  1. measure the vibratory rate of water
  2. energize water
  3. do an energetic cleansing
  4. electrically stimulate with Schumann frequency
  5. stimulate with sound or voltage at a special frequency
  6. generate and diffuse the harmonics of Schumann frequencies

Experiment 1: Measurement of the vibratory rate of water with a pendulum

It is possible to measure subtle energies that surround us that cannot be measured with conventional instruments. This vital radiance, which we call chi or prana, is present all around us. This radiation is also called scalar waves. The living and the water that compose them diffuses this specific radiation.

There is no living one who can offer a scalar field measurement, this subtle energy. I present here how to measure it with a pendulum and a Bovis dial. The Pendulum here becomes an extension of the operator's hand. For the measurement to be correct, it is essential to focus energetically and to empty mentally.

Experiment 2: High vibratory rates of water energized with a pendulum

Here I am carrying out a dowsing experiment by measuring the high vibratory rate of energized water.
I energize here tap water with a Lakhovsk energy disky of my design, then I measure the vibratory rate of the water at the pendulum. When the vibration rate becomes high, I advise you to change the measurement dial.

Experiment 3: Measuring and cleaning in water of harmful radiation, negative electric green

Dowsing measurement of harmful radiation in tap water.
By being exposed to EMF electromagnetic radiation (4g, 5g, wifi…), the water will take on a very harmful dowsing radiation, the negative electric green.

It is possible to purify the water from an energetic point of view by cleaning and de-impregnation with a protection disc. There are other ways to clean up a device: by leaving it in the sun, in salt, by washing it with energized water, etc.

Experiment 4: Simulation of a Lakhovsky antenna with the Schumann frequency of 7,83 Hz

Simulate electrically a Lakhovsky diskOffers a much higher vibratory rate only when it is passive without stimulation. The Schumann frequency of 7,83 Hz gives very good results on the energy level of the disc. This experience can be reproduced with a metallic flower of life or an orgone.

It is possible to stimulate the disc with a generator set to this frequency, but also by using an application generating frequencies with a smartphone. Sound stimulation is possible, but here the audio output will be used to electrically stimulate the disc. A sound amplifier for smartphones makes it possible to obtain a greater tension, and therefore an even higher vibratory rate. I use this Jack cable to banana plugs, 3.5mm to 6.5mm jack adapter et 2 crocodile clips. You can also order this cable it's easier. If your budget allows it, I recommend the excellent micro generator Heawea.

If you are a user of Spooky2 products, you can stimulate the disc with an XM or GX generator in contact mode with a booster. If you want to start with Spooky2 with a complete kit, I recommend the GeneratorX Pro Bundle. If your means are more limited, I advise you XM Generator package. The XM Generator needs to be connected to the mains and to a PC computer. The GeneratorX Pro is more autonomous and does not need to be connected to a computer to operate.

In the videos of experiments 4 and 5, I recommend the following electrical connections instead:

Connections for a disc

  • Connect only the +, the red clamp on the disc
  • hold or get in touch with the –, the black gripper in contact with the user

Dual Drive Connectionss

  • Connect the + on a disc
  • Le – on the other disk
  • Place the face to face discs
  • To place oneself between discs, or the area to be treated between the two discs

Experiment 5: Sound and electrical stimulation of cymatic discs

La cymatic is a technique for visualizing sound frequencies. I realized cymatic discs from 2 so-called “sacred” frequencies 174 Hz and 285 Hz, and AUM sound at 432 Hz.

I will first measure the Vibration Rate (TV) of a disc, then I will stimulate it with the same frequency that generated its shape. The TV measurement will increase according to the type of stimulation (sound, electrical), and according to the applied voltage. I show you here the measurement of high TVs, using special dials. - sorry to have hidden the dial with my head during the video -

Experiment 6: sound stimulation with the harmonics of Schumann frequencies

We saw in experiment 4 that the sound or electrical stimulation with Schumann frequency of 7,83Hz gives a significant increase in vibration rate of a Lakhovsky record.

Stimulation can be improved by using the harmonics of the Schumann frequencies. Here I use the application “ Tone generator pro » for sound stimulation with a square wave. The Tone Generator mobile application is available on Android, sorry I don't have any references to give you on iPhone. If you have one, you can post its reference in the comments below.

It is possible to go further electrically with a sinusoidal signal. Thank you for your feedback in the comments on this page.

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