3D vortex torus disc


With the conception of this disc, I left the variations based on the Lakhovsky circuits, to tackle an exciting volume, the torus.

The torus, a universal form

The torus (torus) is a ubiquitous model in nature and the universe. It constitutes a self-organized form where energy will circulate in a circular manner. We find this form or toroidal energy in:

  • a apple or an orange
  • magnetic field an magnet, An no one or else Earths
  • the flow of winds from a tornado, cyclone
  • the energy flow of a press or a black hole
  • galaxy or a atom...

First inspiration, the spiral of growth

When I designed the 10 spiral disc, I designed a pattern that I named growth flower, based on growth spirals. With the torus, I rely here on another form from nature.

O-ring design

The stages of the torus pattern design

I therefore project the shape of the torus on a disc, in 2 dimensions. I then start by drawing a torus in 3D that I slice horizontally and radially. I use here the Harmonic 9 ratio, in fact the universe is based on harmonic series based on the 9, such as 72, 144, 432. Learn more about this site.

The slices are therefore multiples of 9. The mini spheres in the extension of each slice revolve around the torus and act as mini antennas but also as capacitors. They are also multiples of 9. These spheres are separated by a sine wave inspired by Yin and Yang.

Like the winds inside a cyclone. I give a rotational movement on the radial cut. This model below rotates clockwise (dextrorotatory).

I have the option of making this pattern in wireframe or in a checkerboard structure. A dowsing test shows me that the checkerboard version emits a higher vibratory rate.

I filled in checkerboard the spaces flattened with the pattern. The passage for the manufacturing file is quite tedious, but the result is splendid and hypnotic!

A gold-plated torus disc

The disc is based on making a printed circuit board, as are all my energy records. The support is in fiberglass, The metal parts are in copper covered with a gold plating.

The two sides of the disc are different, one is energizing (emitting and stimulating) the other is soothing (receiving and dispersing), I use this action on vital energy on some of my discs including the 10 spirals (growth flower).

To easily recognize each side:

  • filled circles energize
  • empty circles disperse

The small circles at the edge of the disc will participate in a larger broadcast of the scalar field of the disc.

Use of a scalar wave machine

Another innovation in this record is theinformed beeswax use at its center. I use this technique commonly in the pendants that I make, I decide here to generalize it to my records by starting with this one. This beeswax is informed ofbiological information that I enriched as and when I discovered. I use the scalar wave machine spooky2 scalar to inform the wax of my mixture.

Platonic solid combinations

In order to get a larger radiation, I combine the disks to form well-known solids, platonic solids. I have already achieved these solids in 3D printing, and I have already made these combinations with the previous discs (35 and 100 mm). Below is a combination in cube et tetrahedron, they also exist for the octahedron, dodecahedron and the giant icosahedron.

Do you like this record?

You can order it from my Etsy store. You also help me in the pursuit of my research 🙂

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  1. I would have liked a paper manual to know if I can put this disc on me, under what circumstances, where, how long.

    1. Hi, I'm working on a detailed blog post to explain all of this. To be notified of future articles, you can validate on the comments form “Notify me of all new articles by e-mail. »

  2. I used it during my treatments by putting it on its edge, it seems to me that this sets the torus in motion at body level. What I don't know is how long the movement lasts.

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