2-sided double spiral energy disc


The design of this disc is formed by a double spiral from the gold number. This disc has two sides. It is also a wave-shaped antenna that can serve as a EMF protection.
This product is an evolution an 3D printed double spiral disc with the inlay of a brass wire. I have added many improvements to this one.

Disc improvements

  • Its constitution as a printed circuit makes it a product compact and very solid.
  • This spiral is covered with a gold plating, here providing the antenna with optimal conduction and protecting it from corrosion.
  • I placed two holes on each spiral, this allows to hang the disc, or make a pendant. The inside of the hole is covered with gold, so the spiral forms a closed circuit. The spiral winds and unwinds, then continues its trajectory on the other side of the disc with the same trajectory, to finally join the first side.
  • The disc is drilled at both ends, I fill this part with unheated raw beeswax. I mixed with the wax a mixture ofbiocompatible amino acids and minerals. Here I am using Quinton's plasma and 75 plant-derived elements and minerals. This information will be added to that of the beeswax. The information of these vibrations will come to inform the water of our organism, This wave information will be amplified by the spiral.

A harmonizing record

The spiral turns dextrorotatory (clockwise), then counterclockwise (levorotatory):

  • Dextrorotatory is energizing, it is a sense conducive to life and growth. It's sort of the Yang side.
  • Levogyre is dispersant, it is calming, it can be seen as the Yin side.
    The two together will have a harmonizing effect.

You can energize water by placing a glass or a carafe on it. By slipping it under a fruit bowl, these will keep longer.
If you place the disc on a painful area, the effect will be soothing.

To spread a wave signal of pulsed shapes, you can connect this antenna to a Schumann wave generator or to the Spooky2 generator, using alligator clips.

A video preview

A look on both sides.

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  1. Purchased the Lakhovsky Harmonics Disc H9 Double Sided. Both sides are different, it cam with no instructions. DOES Anyone Know the Uses of Each Side?

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