Vital energy, products, experiences and research

Researcher and holistic designer, I study and develop products with the aim of optimal vitality. I present here how I created my products et how to use it. My goal is also to make accessible practices and knowledge that are often poorly known, better health.


Lakhovsky or spiral energy discs. Energy pendants, dodecahedra or other Platonic solids, (...)
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My dowsing experiments and research around scalar waves, bio energy, for better health.
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Energy discs and harmonization devices

I called my shop heliquantix, a nod to the shape of the snail "helix", and to quantum physics


Independent researcher, designer of spiritual art…

News about my products and experiences

The vital energy is manifested by the emission of a field ofscalar waves, undetectable by conventional measuring tools, I use dowsing for my research. My work leads me to realize devices acting on vital energy.

Use of Energy Discs

How to use energy discs and Héliquantix harmonization devices? The areas of use My (…)
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Connections between Covid and Electromagnetic waves

There are no scientific studies yet on the positive effect of scalar waves on the (…)
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Cavity magnetron, Labyrinth and Rosette

A fascinating form, the labyrinth of Chartres This drawing has been astonishing for centuries, it has (…)
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6 dowsing experiments: measurements and stimulations on energy disks

Through these 6 experiments in dowsing, I will show you methods for: (...)
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Cymatic discs and sacred frequencies

I am embarking on the making of records based on sacred frequencies using (…)
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3D vortex torus disc

With the conception of this disc, I am leaving the variations based on the Lakhovsky circuits, (…)
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Large Lakhovsky disc with beeswax

14 oscillating concentric circuits This is the largest Lakhovsky disc that I have designed, it makes (…)
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Effect of scalar waves on harmful electromagnetic waves?

Measurement of the influence of a Lakhovsky antenna on EMF Can scalar waves really (…)
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The growth flower pendant

A pendant generating waves of shapes I update this page with the (…)
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Use of shaped wave discs

Harmonize, stimulate, disperse or decontaminate These are the 4 functionalities that you can have with (…)
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Comparison between antenna discs

A lot of people ask me the difference between the discs I have designed. Here below (…)
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The 5 Platonic solids, and more ...

Here are the five Platonic solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron. I also made the (…)
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Scalar waves, vital waves

Summary of my research on scalar waves. Their characteristics, their discoverers, the machines to produce them, how to detect them.

My synthesis on scalar waves

Health and bio-energy

It's good for the health ! A panorama of what is part of my daily practices and my environment.