Products for better vital energy

Researcher and holistic designer of heliquantix products, I study and develop products with the aim of optimal vitality. The antenna discs that I design allow toincrease vital energy of those who use them. These products exist in the form of pendants, discs of 10 or 20 cm, and also volumes declined around the Platonic solids. I present here how I created heliquantix products et how to use it. My goal is also to make accessible practices and knowledge that are often poorly known, better health.

Heliquantix product range

I imagined and designed the entire range of Heliquantix products in my workshop in France in Montpellier...

Biophonic analyzes

Measurements with a GDV Bio-well camera


My dowsing experiments and research around scalar waves, bio energy, for better health.

Energetic Antenna Discs and Harmonization Devices

I called my shop heliquantix, a nod to the shape of the snail "helix", and to quantum physics

News products and experiences

The vital energy is manifested by the emission of a field ofscalar waves, for my research I use dowsing and recently a GDV camera. My work leads me to create devices that act on vital energy, energy antenna disks.

Thymos disk for the thymus

This therapeutic frequency disc is the first passive energy product on the market that has been (…)
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New products with Biophotex

I am approaching the Biophotonics design office Biophotex. This collaboration will allow us to (…)
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First measurements with the GDV Bio-well 3.0 camera

The GDV camera to measure vital energy I recently equipped myself with the (…)
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The universe cube with its crystal sun

The universe cube is a harmonizing device for the home and living beings which (…)
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The adjustable disc holder pendant

The adjustable support pendant is very useful because it allows the use of any disc of (…)
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water source of life

Water is the most important element of our planet. Eminent scientists, writers and philosophers try (…)
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Improved 528Hz Cymatic Disc

New version of 528 Hz I improved my design technique for cymatic discs, (…)
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Discoverers of scalar waves

I am invited by Zeljko to talk about the discoverers of scalar waves. At 11 min 15 (…)
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The Shield of Hermes, a radionic transmitter

The production of this disc is the result of the collaboration between Raphaël Dajafée, Monsignor Damien (…)
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Scalar waves, vital waves

Summary of my research on scalar waves. Their characteristics, their discoverers, the machines to produce them, how to detect them.

My synthesis on scalar waves

Health and bio-energy

It's good for the health ! A panorama of what is part of my daily practices and my environment.